Wednesday, April 29, 2009

heather todd & jermey lewis

How can someone tell you that they love after they have cheated on you. How can someone sleep with the same person before you get married and then again 5 mouths after you get married and still tell you that they love you. My wife works as a counserler at Laney High school in wilmington NC. She started having sex with one of the teacher at Laney, jis name is Jeremy Lewis. I told her time and time again that her friend ship with him was no good. He had already asked her a relationship of friends with benefits, she told me that she had told mim no... Then latter when she was working at the Figuir  eight island yacht cub again with him, after work one night she went over to his house at Wrightsville beach. She had been drinking and all the other people that came over had gone. He then got and went to shut the blinds. After that he came over and kissed her then lifted her shirt. Hearther Todd's Said that she gave a minor atte attempt to stop his actions then gave in. She had sex whit him on his sofa then drove home. She latter told me that she turned the radio up as load as it would go so that she didn't have to think about what she had just done. Then one week latter she was working as a night manager at the figure eight island yacht club, he worked there too as a bartender. As she was leaving he turned and kissed her. And of corse it went quickly to sex. Sex that was so intence that she ended up with a rug burn on her back. She drove home again and quickly took a shower. Latter that same month I was looking at the phone bill. I noticed that she had called him several times very late at night. When I questioned her about the calls she never could give me a streight answer. I went to stay at a friends house for a night, the next day her mother came over to the house. She sat down with both of us and asked me directly if I thought that Heather Baer was cheating on me. At that time I knew in my heat that she was, I just didn't have any thing to go on. So I said to her mother no I hope not, BUT I DON'T KNOW.... Well let's skip ahead 5 mouths and I come home on a Saterday noght. She was sitting in the frount room watching TV ont r. I went to cheak my c Email, I entered yahoo into the search window of goole and gthe page came up. I then clicked on the my yahoo, when I did it said "hellow Heather" I had no idea that she had this acount , she knew about all of my email accounts. So then I clicked on the my mail. When I did I came acrose some of the most sexualy explict emails that I have ever read. She had been sleeping with Jeremy Lewis from before we were married the started up again not 5 mouths after we were married. It was her summer braek so she didn't have to work, but only once or twice a mouth but each time sghe went to work she was having sex hith himwith. She latter told me that they would met over at Jake Peance house, for most of the time. She even had Jeremy Lewis drive down to her mother's house at Carolina beach to have sex with there. I guess it was not a bad idea, I was at work all day and her mother had moved out to Colerodo. All this time telling me that I was the one for her and that she was so in love with me. I will tell more of the story in a few days hope you got something from this, Its my second time around, Wow I must really have messed up twice. Well I think it has more to do with making the right decions decionion .

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  1. Coach Lewis is awesome. Obviously you werent fucking her right and he had to do it for you. If you have such a problem with him you should fight him. Hahahaha wait never mind hes a hulk of a man.